Is creativity training of importance or even necessary?

What do you think why highly creative people like Steve Jobs from Apple or Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari, Tom Peters, and many other later very successful personalities joined the »Creativity in Business« course at Stanford University?

Let me answer this question by quoting the results of more than forty years of research of the Gallup Organization. Gallup wanted to discover the secrets of companies who are leaders in their industries over several decades. In contrast to the vast majority of their competitors, these successful companies focus on training the strengths of people. They follow the principle:

Strengthen the strengths!

And that is exactly what highly creative people are striving for. They don’t take their creative powers for given but they are continuously engaged to strengthen and optimize them.

Today we know that everyone has creative potential. We don’t any longer believe in myths of very few geniuses in each generation. However, only a few people are consciously using the possibilities of enhancing their imaginative powers and invest in their creativity. Most people are just content with their given degree of creativity.

But that may not be enough for even the near future. Computers and Artificial Intelligence (AI) are approaching the possibilities of decision making or problem-solving by simulations of low-level creativity.

Sometimes that'll do it. But it won't be enough for the highly complex and really crucial problems.

However, the human brain, with its capacity for high-level creativity, will have a competitive advantage over AI for many years, maybe forever. 

As soon as you gain the reputation of being a creative person, you will be one of the most sought after people in the future.

As we are confronted with so many complex problems to be solved, we need solutions soon. Solutions that are really changing things. Solutions that only can be found by higher levels of creativity. Like any talent, creativity can and must be trained. 

The creativity course at Stanford University mentioned above has been performed over ten years more than 30 years ago. We discovered the teaching material of this class and put it together with our own research and training experience. Today we know even much more about the creative process and how to optimize it. 

You have now the possibility to benefit from all this research and over 30 years of practical transfer.

You can join our high-performance creativity training »THE EMERGENCE INNOVATION PROCESS (EIP).« Strengthen your creative talents in a three day intensive workshop.

In memory of Steve Jobs: