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Some Fundamentals of the Creative Process and the Transfers into Real Life Innovations

Ninth article:

Phase IV of the creative process

How to make a decision

If you created several possible ideas or solutions you are challenged with the question how to select the one you will realize.

The following steps are functioning like a funnel:

a) The solution ideas must, in reality, be able to achieve the goal. Unsuitable solution ideas are omitted

(b) the resources needed must be available or realistically available in the foreseeable future.

If necessary, phases I - III of the creative process shall be repeated if the means are lacking in the same way for all solution ideas.

c) The solution must ensure that the objectives are achieved not only objectively but also in terms of time. Ideas for solutions that are not within the scope of the achievement of the objectives are omitted.

d) Determine the degree of certainty with which the remaining solution ideas will achieve the desired objective. The solution idea that offers the highest security in achieving the goal is the solution.

e) The means should achieve the goal as ultimately as possible. The solution idea that offers the highest degree of target achievement is the best solution to the problem.

Often the best solution results from the combination of several components of different ideas.

After the decision has been made, the next step is:


»There is nothing good - unless you do it!« Erich Kästner

German original: »Es gibt nichts Gutes, außer man tut es.«


After some time: control and evaluation of the result (»gaining experience ...«). 

Once the idea has been found, the fourth phase is to implement THE NEW. Only then can innovation really take place. We can only talk about creativity when THE NEW comes into the world, when it is realized

Very often, the topic of creativity is reduced to individual creativity. However, we have to view the whole picture: the resistance against THE NEW, the difficulties the creative person has to overcome to convince others about the relevance of the idea,

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The Realization of New Ideas by Overcoming the Protection Barriers of the Domain or the System