Dr. Gerhard Huhn is a popular keynote speaker.

His goal is to inspire and not to motivate the audience (manipulatively). He is interested in igniting the spark that unfolds people's enthusiasm and self-motivation. 

When people devote time and attention to him, it is essential to him that these shared moments continue to resonate for a long time. He'll inspire the participants and trigger an enthusiasm concerning their own growth. This resonance can then be the key for motivation, learning, change processes and personality development, stimulate creativity, and open the way to flow experiences.

His topics are among others:

Creativity and solving problems even in everyday stress

WHY? - Clarity of the purpose – The question of meaning in the company

Management of personal information processing

Flow as a key to motivation, learning, and inner growth

Intuition - a completely underestimated resource and how we can develop and use it

However, he also likes to develop very special contributions that are tailored to your event.

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