Given the innovation density and speed in almost all fields and around the globe, it is vital to keep a cool head. It is becoming more and more important not to be continuously confused by something superficially new. 

As a participant in this workshop, you will strengthen your ability to rely on your own strengths. You are confident that you will not only master external changes but that you yourself will become the creator of the future. 

This will give you direct access to your creative powers and enable you to use them effectively in your everyday life. At the same time, you can inspire your human environment, inspire others, and win them over for joint projects.

This gain in holistic innovation competence gives you a personal advantage that cannot be achieved through digitalization. 

As soon as you gain a reputation, to be a creative person, you'll be one of them, that will be most sought after in the future.

You will learn and experience In the »EMERGENCE INNOVATIONS PROCESS (EIP)« how you can use the combination of ancient secret sciences and neuropsychology to find ideas and solutions at any time quickly.

In the future, you can rely on your creativity and problem-solving competence. There is no need to learn creativity. It exists as potential. What we can learn is to admit it, to prevent blockades, and to strengthen it. And that is what the challenge is all about.


In our context, EMERGENCE describes the development of new structures, patterns, and interactions, the emergence of solutions, clarity, and a new Gestalt, in short: the invention of something NEW.

INNOVATIONS do not fall from the sky - even if a »divine spark« possibly provides the initial spark – who knows. But sustainable, future-proof innovations always arise from a complex development process.

It is essential to perceive things differently than usual, to overcome fear, to be more courageous, and to develop enthusiasm. Only those who understand themselves as part of the world can empathize with evolutionary processes and shape change. To be able to ask a child's questions, to feel awe and wonder, and at least temporarily to return to a modest naturalness, can be far more stimulating than staring at KPIs  to optimize them. 

All that foremost requires inner calmness. 

Creativity has to do with the willingness to set oneself goals and pursue them with commitment (the inner sense of obligation to accomplish a task until it is finished) and powerful will. However, just as important is the ability to let go, to play, to fantasize and ultimately the creative in humans is very often (or always?) a question of the heart, of love, of devotion.



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Most known creativity methods and techniques run horizontally in steps or phases. This procedure is successful with people who have a conscious or intuitive good understanding of creative processes. 

It becomes problematic if these procedures are carried out mechanically and without the necessary background understanding. It creates a real problem if time pressure is used to push results in intermediate phases when it just is contra-productive. Only at very special moments time pressure is helpful, and one has to know when and why exactly.

Unlock the whole richness of your creative potential and that of your employees by supplementing the Horizontal Process with the Vertical Dimension of Idea Finding in the EMERGENCE INNOVATIONS PROCESS (EIP).

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The Depth Dimension of Creativity 

will be explored in the EIP in a three-and-a-half-day workshop with 14 »Mental Models«. You can look forward to an exciting personal process that also creates much fun.

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