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Some Fundamentals of the Creative Process and the Transfers into Real Life Innovations

Eigths article:

Phase III of the creative process

The solution, the idea is born

The transition from the second to the third phase is almost always very sudden, surprising. All of a sudden, the flash of inspiration is on. Usually, when you no longer even think about the problem or the solution – in the morning under the shower, in the bathtub, walking or playing with the children.

An utterly relaxed state is almost always characteristic. It is often precisely described that dominance of alpha waves characterizes the state of excitement of the brain. This rarely happens in a state of stress, and when beta waves dominate. This can only be sketched briefly here; you will undoubtedly remember this strange trance-like state yourself, e.g., when you got the idea of a birthday present at the last moment in the early morning before the party.

This phase can be influenced little, similar to phase II.

However, what can help a lot is the ability to consciously relax deeply. A wide variety of methods such as autogenic training, meditation, yoga, progressive muscle relaxation, guided fantasy journeys, etc. can help. We will deepen this on another occasion.

The mathematician Michael Atiyah (posted by Prof. Dr. Ronald Cicurel):

Michael Atiyah.png

»Something crazy in mathematics is the flashing of an idea in your head. This usually happens during sleep, because there are the slightest limitations. The idea comes floating, heaven knows where it's coming from. It floats around, you see it and admire its colors.«

Phase IV of the creative process:

The Realization of New Ideas by Overcoming the Protection Barriers of the Domain or the System

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