Content and details:

The workshop is an intensive personal transformation process and therefore goes beyond the mere teaching of methods and techniques.

Working in nature and close to nature is an essential element of the process.

Working in nature and close to nature is an essential element of the process.


  • Latest findings of brain research

  • Results of creativity research

  • From creativity to innovation: 

  • How does the new come into the world?

Goals and practical elements for your own implementation: 

  • The system boundaries of innovation in organizations and their overcoming:

  • How can you recognize the innovation friendliness or hostility of an organization?

    • the organizational structure
    • the value system (»the spirit«) of the organization
    • to the »unwritten rules«
    • in the management style practiced
    • in the communication between each other
    • the role model function of managers
    • the skills, talents, and motivation of the employees
    • at the feedback systems

  • the personal inner security systems against the new and the possibility of opening them to courageously discover and admit the unusual and the daring.

  • the conscious shift of emphasis between sequential and simultaneous thought and imagination processes (corresponding to the specialization of the linguistic and pictorial cerebral hemispheres)

  • Deep relaxation in a few moments

  • Peak performance (also) under stress

  • Trances, internal excursions, fantasy journeys and dreams to mobilize unconscious contents

  • The different phases of brainstorming and problem solving and the meaningful use of creativity techniques: opening up the "vertical dimension of creativity

    (1) the important preparation and analysis

    (2) the incubation phase (allow the solution to mature, develop frustration tolerance)

    (3) the flash of inspiration, the brainstorming ("at a stroke" or "step by step")

    (4) the realistic implementation, elaboration, counter-check to the task, validation

  • Role and significance of conflict and communication skills as a prerequisite for effective and creative behavior and thinking processes

  • Achieving unusual moments of consciousness

  • FLOW

Mind Flow Mallorca, Qi Gong with Großmeister Quinshan Liu

Mind Flow Mallorca, Qi Gong with Großmeister Quinshan Liu

  • devotion, letting go, meditation

  • integrate divergent and convergent thinking together individually and harmoniously in groups.

  • Promoting innovation processes (design thinking, cultural change, self-organization, etc.)

  • Idea-finding techniques (brainstorming, brainwriting, method 6-3-5, imagination, analogies, mind mapping, etc.)

  • Stimulation by Nature, Human Relationships, Art and Culture, Spirituality

  • Brain Food - Brain Drinks